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The Holy Bible

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How to prepare yourself for the Kingdom of God

  • Read and study your King James Bible daily with your Strong’s E Concordance and dictionary
  • Obey the Ten Commandments. This is God’s love for you as a way to walk on Holy ground and a way for you to repent.
  • Enter in to the Holy Spirit with the teachings of the Twelve Disciples and Paul, for they are in agreement with Christ’s love for you in spirit and truth in the Doctrine.
  • Never correct a person who does not speak in agreement with words of the Bible, but pray for him/her out of love. Jesus may be seeking your willing heart and mind to baptize and anoint you with the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  • Please keep in mind gift of tongues and speaking tongues is evidence of being born again are from the same Holy Spirit these two gift are anointed with power.
  • Keep the Sabbath and rest on the seventh day. It is your time to give the Lord the glory for all that has happened in the last seven days, good and bad.
  • If you have questions about the words of the Bible, search the scriptures with your Strong’s E Concordance. This is pleasing to the Lord as His love seeks your willing mind and heart to search the scriptures.
  • Fasting is very important in surrendering to Christ teaching you through the twelves Disciples and Paul to trust Him, when you ask Him to take away your hunger pain.
    1. The spiritually fast is in Luke 18:12 two days a week to build trust in Christ.
    2. Acts 9:9 Like with Saul three days to have Christ choose you in the Holy Spirit like with Saul Acts 9:13 Please don’t be fraud by Paul not speaking in tongues when he received the Holy Ghost he speak about it, and his teaching come only by the Holy Ghost This is one of the many challenges Christ has put before you to search the scriptures with many questions
    3. Acts 10:30 Cornelius four days the Holy Spirit spoke to Peter to travel with Cornelius servants. These are spiritually fast because Christ are with man in the flesh or Holy Spirit
  • Privately I fast one day a week over several years and did the other two as time permit also drink plenty of filtered water.

Please use the five words below to help you get answers to your questions about the words of the Bible(I call them the five wise men)

  1. Who……………is speaking and to whom?
  2. What…………is being said?
  3. When…………did it happen?
  4. Where……………did it take place?
  5. Why……………is it important?

Please keep in mind Christ love for you to have a life like with Paul who was chosen by the Holy Spirit and decease from natural cause

The Disciple decease from under natural causes because Christ chosen them while HE was on earth He has no chosen one by the flesh left on this earth when the Disciples expired

All of the above will help you be humble before God and bring all of God’s people to be in one accord one faith one baptism and one Lord Ephesians 4:5


Helpful Tools

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the BibleStrong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

Lack of knowledge of tools like Strong’s E Concordance and dictionary to aid in research of the scripture has caused many of God’s people to fall from grace instead of following the Doctrine of Christ that you can received use to help wipe out all sin on earth

King James Bible

The King James Bible stirred my mind with many questions. Using the Strong’s E Concordance and dictionary, and studying the scriptures daily, has lead me be to be chosen by Christ in the gift of the Holy Ghost

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